Short story:
Cat Fence-In Books is a publishing company dedicated to bringing readers thought provoking and interesting reads.

Long story:
It was only a short while ago when the Reno, NV native Bethany Michaels was slaving away at a small local marketing firm, basically volunteering the last month of employment as the company was financially failing to compensate her hours.

During that same time, Bethany’s roommate Channell Holmgren met an artist and inventor Bud Heath and served as his personal trainer at 24 Fitness for several weeks. Their casual conversations over weights led to a critical realization: Bud was in need of some redefining beyond just his biceps.

It just so happens, Bud had written just under 10 books but never sought after any help to edit and publish them. Accumulating dust and paralyzed with procrastination, his books were in need of a pair of loving eyes. That’s where Bethany came into play. After meeting and discussing a new position working with Bud, she left her “volunteer” job and was given the opportunity to apply her insight and knowledge, initially editing his books.

Now, her role has quickly grown to fulfill an extensive list of things, serving as a sort of secret weapon, tackling essential components to carry out Bud’s vision:

ghost writing
building & maintaining media presence
graphic design
website design

It’s easy to see that Bud Heath held the key to Bethany’s growth in her professional career, and mutually Bethany served as the key in helping Bud create a reality with his passion in writing.