Humley's AI Assistant enables organisation to rapidly deploy conversational interfaces across a wide variety of functions including Sales and Services, HR, Finance and IT and industries.

Humley enables enterprises to generate operational efficiencies and improve employee and customer experiences through the provision of a 24/7 AI powered Conversational Assistant. Humley’s platform is powerful and yet so easy to use that it can support a broad range of needs, from simpler, FAQ type chatbots, to complex multi-function and multi-channel enterprise Conversational Assistants.

Our solution’s combination of automated and no code setup, orchestration of best of breed AI providers and GUI based, easy to use configuration tools, means that you will be able to deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost effective.

By using Humley’s technology, companies can better understand their customers and employees and as a result, provide useful outcomes and provide answers to questions at the first time of asking, nearly every time.

Humley partners with two of the big four global consultancies, delivering international gains to their customers across Europe and the United States. Humley serves customers across a broad range of industries including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, and financial services