I have been working with children for 30 years. I started Home Schooling my children at a very young age. I read to them while they were still babies. When they joined a mainstream school, around the age of 10, I started teaching children of friends and acquaintances. My experience has taught me. I make my own study material that is effective in making children understand the concept at hand.

Gradually, there was an automatic shift of gears in my career. I started mentoring teenagers. If I could put the clock back I would have loved to do this from day one. Teenagers 'just' need to be listening to. They are great to work with!

While still doing mentoring I received adult enquiries who needed guidance and direction to make life-changing decisions. I feel blessed having an empathetic nature. I am so glad that I have been able to tap into my natural strengths. I help others to do the same so they can do things that can make them feel self-worth.

I counsel people who have alcohol, smoking or drug problems.

Now I have started writing. My first novel ‘Nectar of the Grateful Victim’ is an essential read for the thinking adult.  It is about re-discovering the power that resides within you. This soul-stirring story derives even greater strength in being drawn from the experiences of an entire generation of women who dared to dream of a more equitable world, and who also dared to evolve themselves from within to make that world a reality.

I plan to expand upon my first story and share greater detail about the philosophy and practice of my school and counselling and coaching in London.

Personally speaking, I have a natural ability of making a difference to the lives of people, children or adults, male or female. I am versatile by nature - can learn and apply concepts quickly. I thrive on deadlines, working under pressure keeps me motivated and I produce best results. I meet targets while still being cheerful, calm, composed and collected. I have a desire to succeed so I have to be self disciplined and well organised.

Ah, last but not the least, I take care of my appearance, as much as, I take care of anything I do. I have a good command over my english language, both written and spoken.

My key to success are my great interpersonal skills, diplomacy and tact.