Iguana Books is a Canadian hybrid publishing house. Here's what makes us unique.

Quality: As a publishing services company, we’ve been editing and designing books for major publishers since 1977. We know which editors are good and we take pride in matching your book to the right editor. Your book will be fully professional – and readers can tell the difference.

Credibility: Readers are coming to trust Iguana Books to be completely professional since our books are all “good reads.” You will benefit from our reputation.

Community: Publish the book yourself, and you do it in isolation. When we publish each book, that author’s readership visits our site, and some of them will see other books they want to buy. As we grow, more and more readers will discover your book. Our community also includes a growing social media network, supported by our longstanding ties to the Canadian and international writing and editing communities.

Continuity: We don’t just want to publish your book. We want to foster your career as a writer and help you build your readership. Our marketing department has strong links to the Canadian writing and editing community and can help you grow your reputation.

Reach: Our books are available worldwide in all the major ebookstores. Many of our authors have also been able to place print copies of their books in local bookstores.

Iguana Books has existed in various incarnations since 1991. However, it was relaunched as a sustained publishing program in 2011 by founder Greg Ioannou. Greg has a long history in publishing; he’s edited somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 books, taught publishing at Ryerson University in Toronto, served four terms as President of the Editors’ Association of Canada, and is the CEO of Colborne Communications, a writing and editing company, and co-founder of PubLaunch.com, a crowdfunding and freelance marketplace website. Greg was inspired to start Iguana Books to address some of the structural problems facing traditional publishing and to help publish top-quality books unable to find a home in traditional houses. Iguana's genres span from mysteries to political thrillers to inspirational memoirs. Under Greg's direction, Iguana published its 100th book in 2017.