SWAM # 692579  • Minority, Woman owned, Small Business

Illustrate My Design (IMD) was founded in 2007 with a passion for architecture and the art of visualization to provide Architects, Interior Designers, and leaders in the Building Industry a 3D graphics service for communicating design projects to those outside the Industry.

The IMD Visualization Team is a member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) and provides artistic illustrations, 2D rendered plans and elevation drawings, 3D computerized renderings and walk-thru animations that will communicate your project’s design qualities.  Our friendly staff is highly qualified to provide excellent illustrations services as we incorporate not only our talent in architectural illustration but also our experience in the building industry. This background makes it easy to understand your needs and become a part of your firm whenever needed.  

And, since we’re local, we can also provide On-Site Rendering Services in the Washington DC, Baltimore & Richmond metropolitan areas.  The Illustrate My Design Visualization Team serves clients out of state with the same exceptional service through video conferencing.

Working in today’s world enables us to use the latest technologies to make our office environmentally friendly, always mindful we can make a positive impact. We welcome firms with green projects in order to promote eco-conscious construction that will further help save our planet.