The Improve America Now Initiative will…
1. Listen to what the American people have to say, including the Occupy Wall Street protestors, using the internet, modern technology, and video based data collection techniques to poll every American citizen for the challenges they face.

2. Create a master list of challenges the American people are facing RIGHT NOW, and place it upon the Improve America Now website for everyone to consider and comment on.

3. BUILD A SOLUTIONS TEAM with 1 person from many of the political parties (Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Independent, etc.), various PAC leaders and Business Professionals.

4. Perform root cause analysis for each of the challenges identified – why are we affected by this challenge, today?

5. Develop solutions to each challenge with a focus on benefitting every American citizen right now.

6. Use secure technology to poll the American people for their vote on the solutions presented.

7. Cooperate with existing Statesmen to develop legislation that is based upon the solutions chosen by the peoples vote.

8. Insure swift submission of the peoples Legislation to Congress for immediate approval, again through cooperation with existing Statesmen.

9. If the peoples Legislation is not immediately passed by Congress, then we shall unite and work with the Tea Party, the 99% Declaration group, and other groups, in their efforts to replace politicians through a No Confidence election (aka Recall) or through scheduled elections.