Initiare International Group Ltd is a dynamic and powerful international media
organization operating in the global travel and health insurance and emergency, cross border healthcare markets, worldwide.

Initiare International is the only company, on a global scale, that educates at an industry and government level, by providing interactive and advanced platforms of communication for industry and government healthcare buyers, sellers and policy makers.

Initiare International and their associated partners deliver over 40 years of industry experience and exist due to the massive demand from the global healthcare industry. Our mission is to bridge the information gap between the West and the East, the developing and developed, the buyer and the seller, the Government and the Industry.

Initiare International assists world leaders and industry leaders achieve in days, what
traditionally takes months and miles.

Initiare International is a diverse, turnkey media solution provider, that integrates the best people and technology to deliver powerful, next generation events, magazines and
conferences on a global scale. The Initiare International management team, led by Christopher Knight and Daniel Rose have extensive experience in designing, formatting, hosting and selling c-level executive conferences and providing leading, print based media products. Both Managing Directors have managed marketing and business development budgets for CEOs and Directors of some of the world’s biggest companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Adidas, International, United family health, Saudi German hospital group, National Healthcare group and AirMed International.

The Initiare International Group operates five distinct divisions, all of whom work for, and
together with each other. The divisions focus specifically on the following products and services:

• Conference, events and exhibitions
• Print based media
• Online, next generation media
• Technology, ICT and data storage solutions and web hosting
• Corporate ID, design and brand construction

Visit Initiare International on the internet today at the following domains: