The Learning and Performance Institute exists to continuously raise standards of professionalism within the learning industry.

Through an unrivalled range of membership, certification, accreditation, events and bespoke consultancy services, the Institute focuses on enhancing and recognising the skills and professional status of individuals and organisations engaged in learning activities, and assessing the quality of learning services.

Professional recognition

Our focus is fixed firmly on promoting the prestige and integrity of the IT training profession. Certification, Membership, Accreditation and Consultancy through the Institute not only establishes the quality of training individuals, organisations and programmes, but sets our members and client organisations on the path to sustained business improvement.

An independent view

The Institute is a self-governing, objective body. Being vendor neutral means we can concentrate unhindered on the development of professional standards. Our impartial viewpoint means we are uniquely positioned to establish and monitor benchmarks of excellence: standards against which we can measure the performance of training professionals.

Sharing best practice and excellence

Through an extensive schedule of member events, seminars, conferences and awards we bring industry professionals together to learn, share and recognise best practice. Members of the Institute also benefit from the combined purchasing power of a growing body of professionals.

   * We provide trenchant knowledge and experience that is absolutely vital for developing the performance and reputation of today's forward-thinking training professionals.

   * We evaluate ability against a core set of training skills and disciplines, through which we monitor and maintain the status of the industry.

   * We devise coherent and consensual approaches to the profession's development, providing both training quality and results for the business community.

   * We empower training professionals to facilitate measurable performance improvement for their organisation.

In short, the Institute helps prepare classroom trainers, designers and developers of learning materials, online tutors, training managers and consultants to equip business for success in the new global economy.