I know how any income tax service can become a year-round cash cow…They could get back into making top $ every day for services they do not currently offer. They have the tools already in place and would only need to adjust a couple of things…do a few specific things and market the heck out of the services.  
I’ve seen this service generate over a $1million in less than 7 days.
I am making this offer to you …Why? I think it is time for someone else to take the #1 tax service spot…and keep it. They can do this by offering specific services that would take them there. It isn't rocket science…it’s actually a no brain-er.
The demand is extremely high during a poor economy and does not lose momentum during a good economy…the service should actually come from a top tax preparation service provider. The question here is, do you want it?
Q: What is it that I want?
A: A front row seat “under contract” to lead your business to the top of the tax industry. Using your tax business for a Nation-Wide tax necessity.
This offer is exclusive at a set and low contract price for a limited time. Why? Because we are ready to do this, see it through and make it happen. We simply need willing tax services to provide this very needed service. Income tax services are already equipped with the necessary tools... already in place. Once it catches on the service cost will go up.

Top 10 reasons to take me seriously...
Being the #1 Tax Service
Becoming a BUSY year-around service provider
Needing to employ people full time year around
Creating numerous positions
Helping the unemployment rates
Helping the overall economy
Creating a closer relationship with the general public
Generating HIGHEST revenues EVER
Offer services you should already be offering
Having to keep multiple locations open year around (per district) NATIONWIDE

My ideas are logical and anyone could actually do this. However, we have the plan and strategy already in place…ready for you to put it into action. We have already done the homework.

Investment will be nothing compared to earning potential in revenue. Remember I saw over $1 MILLION being generated over a period of less than 7 days.

Start up needs
A fair and reasonable Contract for our services
An affordable & reasonable Marketing Budget for your business
3 new & necessary positions created for implementation
Countless employees to employ due to high demand in the NEAR FUTURE

Tax preparation services already have everything else needed to begin.

Jodi Chambers-Wilson, CLC
Tax Analyst
Cell: 904-535-1600
Integrity Tax Accounting
Tax Accountant