As of 2014, IntrinsiCloud has yet to be officially launched, but we are welcoming client organizations and consulting firms to begin engaging one another, as we already have connections being made with many large organizations.

If you're a client organization seeking - the IntrinsiCloud system was designed to make your RFP and due diligence process a ton easier.  All you have to do is create a project for free on our online service, or upload and RFP - and then simply search our database of firms or post your project publicly so our vendors can respond to you through our system.  It's fast.  It's free.  It makes your life easier.

If you're a consulting firm or solution provider - the IntrinsiCloud system is an online lead generation system.  To begin, simply create a profile for free, and client organizations can contact you or send you projects or RFP's.  In addition, while we are in pre-launch you can search our database of projects that are waiting on you.  

We're building this for the better of everyone.  If you have any questions or feedback - please feel free to contact us!  We'd love to hear from you.