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Irish Books
Irish Books distributors Ireland’s 3 largest publishing houses, covering every category, such as award winning Children’s titles, bestselling fiction novels, high profile autobiographies, and school and college curriculum grade history books from some of Ireland’s most renowned professors.

We distribute books from Gill & Macmillan, The O’ Brien Press, and Mercier Press, as well as a number of US Publishers.

Gill & Macmillian
Gill & Macmillan is Ireland’s leading publisher of college, further education, school and general books. In 1856 Michael Henry Gill, who was then printer to Dublin University, purchased the publishing and bookselling business of James McGlashan and formed the company of McGlashan & Gill. In 1875 the name was changed to M.H. Gill & Son. In 1968 Gill & Macmillan was established as a result of an association with Macmillan of London which in turn had been founded in 1843. Thus on its foundation, Gill & Macmillan had almost 250 years of experience and tradition upon which to draw.

The O’ Brien Press Publisher Ireland
The O'Brien Press is Ireland's leading general publisher of both adult and children's books. Their list covers a huge range, including biography, humor, photography, history, art, fiction, politics, cookery, sport, music, memoir, true crime and travel and is constantly expanding into new and exciting areas. The O'Brien Press was established in 1974, evolving out of a family-run printing and type house and over the past 32 years has established a reputation for quality and excellence in publishing for adults and children. Since its beginning, The O'Brien Press has published over 850 books, and has been recognized by numerous awards down through the years. The O'Brien Press is the only Irish publisher to have received the prestigious International Reading Association Award.

Mercier Press Publisher Ireland
Mercier Press is Ireland's oldest independent publishing house, based in Cork. They were founded in 1944 by John and Mary Feehan and have published books in the fields of history, folklore, art, humor, children's, drama, fiction, politics, current affairs, spirituality and religion. For almost sixty years Mercier Press has been independent and innovative, at times controversial. Mercier Press has participated enthusiastically at Frankfurt Book Fair, Book Expo America, London Book Fair and other international book fairs, and has concluded significant rights deals in the area of history, folklore, fiction, humor and religion. Among their great successes have been the novels, plays, letters and stories of John B. Keane. (more than a million copies sold.)