Dove Tail Publishing is the brainchild of author Jana Lee. With over 35 books in print, this up and coming writer has achieved great success in a short time: just one year!

Most of Jana's books are Inter-Active by design. The author reaches out (primarily) to children in their first years of school; though her stories are equally enjoyed by kids of ALL ages! As the reader is lead through tales and truths, creativity awakens. The author sets the stage ~~ the reader draws and colors the pictures for each story.

Read tales of: A dog's life, in: Meet Jack; A New Home for Jack; and, Jack and Bule; of a mouse, in: Midgie Mouse in the City; of farm animals, in: Mother Hen's Trip to Town; and a sweet romance, in: Dancing Mathilda

Her love of family has inspired a great collection of scrapbbooking and memoirs books for all ages, including: Times of My Life, a book of memoirs where the reader decides which favorite photos will be viewed by friends and family, Includes journal pages; and Don't Blame Her Life Turned Her This Way, a book of author memoirs.

Her love for life has brought forth books of self-help and awareness, in: What If?; Loving Thoughts to Ponder; God's Gifts to Me; and Stairway to Heaven.

A to Z Vacation is a favorite for all ages! The Alphabet travels to California, to catch crawdads; Kansas to kiss a kangaroo; and, to Britain to learn how to build strong bridges. The reader helps plan the next vacation.

For years, medical experts have said active minds help delay Alzheimer's, and help children achieve greater goals. An active mind promotes an active body.

Dove Tail Publishing promotes healthy lifestyles for all ages. New writers searching for help in this 'crazy' world of publishing are invited to contact Jana Lee for assistance. Jana is happy to help others achieve their goals.

The school of hard knocks is rough ~~ knowing others are available to help makes it a bit easier! In some cases, Jana may publish your work on your behalf, for a small fee.

Life is too short for stree ~~ write it down! Let it out! Let Go!