We are a bookstore, and wholesale for books by Jennifer A Whitaker who has been writing since she was 16. We have different events on our website where you can find opportunities to feature Ms. Jennifer A Whitaker for autographs, public speaking, podcast hosting, radio, podcast or TV interviews, and so much more. Publicity is nothing new as she was a model and actress from age 14 to 18 when she resigned to go to college. While in college, she obtained her BS in Accounting and MS in Accounting. She has 6 National Recognition for being in the Top 3% of the Nation for various reasons. She was recognized as a National Scholar for scholarly writing at age 18. She was later recognized in March 2015 for being the Youngest Successful Entrepreneur in the Country and her business was recognized the same month for being Top Vendor in the State of Texas Among Its Industry. Clearly she is a leader.