For the jewelry professional, and the passionate collector, jewelry knowledge and education is crucial for success in business because the industry as we know it has changed. Different factors are responsible: technology has reshaped how we advertise and purchase, and fluctuations in the global economy have made precious metal prices soar, among other things. So how does this affect the jewelry collector, buyer, and retailer?

These are the kinds of issues that Jewelry Camp addresses, bringing you the right education for the real world. The combination of knowledge about the current market with the historical context of antique jewelry pieces gives you the requisite edge to compete in todays Antique, Estate, and Vintage jewelry markets.

Our Mission Statement
The Antique Jewelry and Art Conference, Inc.
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Jewelry Camp as an educational tool mission is to promote the education in Antique and Estate Jewelry, to the jewelry industry, collector and public. We want to create a community for networking and helping each other. To work together for knowledge
In this ever changing world we must rely on each other for education, support and networking as a trade and profession we must take the time to help and learn from each other.

Edward & Sandra Lewand