You're a Dog Jack is about a lovable womanizer named Jack and his terrifying and supernatural adventure as he fights to become the man he once was, but the new improved version. Under the pretense of a gentleman, he offers to pet sit Stephanie's dog, Pitts and promises to protect him with his life.

Of course, he didn’t actually mean it. But, lax in his responsibility, while walking Pitts, Jack and Pitts are struck by a bus and their spirits, due to circumstance and a promise, enter each other's body. Upon awaking, from the accident, Jack spirit finds himself in Stephanie's apartment -- but in Pitts' body.

While there he overhears Stephanie's fiancé's, Mike, plotting a hostile takeover of her company and her demise.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the crossover of spirits becomes known to all and to Stephanie's fiancé who realizes that Jack knows his plans and he must die before he returns to his body to expose the devious plans

Jack's mission has an unknown expiration before his spirit is lost and locked to the animal kingdom forever.

His obstacles increase when Pitts, who has become comfortable in Jack's body, suspects that Jack while in his body may have had sex with the love of his dog life Harmony.

For some of you, his story and resolve will be humorous and unjustified, to others ironic and well deserved. Provided are two ending to Jack's story; be the judge and jury and vote for the ending you feel Jack deserves and you would like to see in the movie and email your answer to youreadogjack@gmail.com.