For over 70 years, the beverage industry has tried to develop technology which safely could be imbedded inside a beverage can/container in order to deliver a “chill on demand” beverage. Consumers in areas with limited refrigeration, participants in leisure activities such as camping, fishing, boating, etc., and retailers alike understand the impact a self-chilling can represents in the “on demand” society we exist in today.

That said, “How does the Chill-Can ® work?”

In the self-chilling Chill-Can®, the beverage can has a built in Heat Exchange Unit (HEU) which contains the technology necessary to chill the drink in under a minute. Upon activation (pressing the button at the base of the can), the patented technology activates the environmentally safe reclaimed Co2 in the HEU that leads to the chilling of the beverage.

The Chill-Can® is a revolutionary, safe, environmentally friendly patented technology that the beverage industry has coveted for decades.

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