Founded in 1960, K&H is a family-owned manufacturing company located near Buffalo, New York.

K&H designs and manufactures a variety of specialized and industrial-grade temporary power and temporary lighting products including: remote control spotlights, portable industrial lighting, scene, lighting, hazardous location lighting, hazardous location cord reels, fluorescent work lights, industrial grade retractable power cord reels,  cord caddies, portable outlet boxes,  plugs, and connectors.

There are a variety of applications for K&H products, including: utility maintenance/distribution, infrastructure repair/inspection, construction, first responders, marine/shipyards, aerospace, DoD, and agricultural sectors.

• Utility Companies: public, private and co-op
• Local, State and Federal Government Agencies, DoD
• Electrical distributors
• Original Equipment Manufacturers
• Maintenance/Inspection
• Fire/Rescue and First Responders

K&H Industries, Inc. is an authorized supplier to local, state and federal governmental agencies.

K&H's rugged line of vehicle-mounted remote control spotlights has set the standard for the utility industry.  Thousands of utility lineman and emergency responders rely on K&H's StarBeam remote control spotlight and NightRay remote control spotlight. Both spotlights are extremely durable and hold up in the most demanding environments for decades.

K&H's hazardous location work lights are listed and certified for Class I Division 1 hazardous locations.  The intrinsically safe work lights were built to Boeing specifications to illuminate fuel cell interiors over 30 years ago.  Today, K&H's hazardous location work lights are the standard for aerospace manufacturer's and overhaul and maintenance professionals.

A newer addition to K&H's line of temporary, portable lighting systems include the Quad Light.  The Quad Light provides wide area lighting in a variety of applications, including temporary tent lighting and emergency shelter lighting. The Quad Light is the light of choice for airline overhaul and maintenance professionals, as well as many original equipment manufacturers.

Temporary power solutions by K&H Industries include a variety of industrial-grade retractable power cord reels, light duty retractable cord reels, manual cord caddies, outlet boxes, and electrical plugs, and connectors.

Custom configurations:
K&H Industries manufacturers and services its products in its Angola, New York facility.  We can easily accommodate requests for special configurations.  The products listed within this website are a sampling of our product line.

K&H's products are Made in the USA