With its network of highly qualified and experienced faculty and industry executives both from India as well as from abroad, knowledge varsity is uniquely positioned to help all its students to succeed. Its strength lies in its three guiding principles:

Knowledge Varsity uses the best faculty.
Knowledge Varsity facilitates team learning.
Knowledge Varsity contextualize learning.

Some of our faculty members are:-
Prof. Mohan Kuruvilla (Sales Management)
Mr. Ratan Gupta, FRM (CFA, FRM)
Prof. Mohan Bangaruswamy (Management Consultants)
Mr. Venkatesh Bangaruswamy, CFA, FRM
Mr. Krishna Kumar (Data Analytics)

Currently we are offering courses in Sales Management and Data Analytics. We are also conducting Coaching for CFA Level 1 in Bangalore and Mumbai and FRM Level 1 in Bangalore.

For more details, please visit our website:
or call our HOTLINE: +91-9448706666