KaiNexus’ patent-pending, cloud-based technology solves critical problems facing organizations by leveraging the collective knowledge of every person and leader in the organization. KaiNexus connects all employees to help harvest and implement low-cost, low-risk ideas to improve quality and safety, save time, improve access, drive efficiency, increase employee morale, and save money. Whether improvement is done on a daily basis, “kaizen events,” or even major projects, think of KaiNexus as the suggestion box, re-imagined and more effective.

Everyone on the team at Kainexus is passionate about healthcare improvement. KaiNexus was founded on the simple belief that people and organizations want to improve. They want to improve their lives, their families, their communities and their work. We know that improvement is hard.  We firmly believe that we can utilize technology to connect people to make improvement easier.  In essence, the result of combining a desire to improve with well-designed technology allows any organization to attain a state of continual improvement.

Founded in 2009, "KaiNexus makes improvement happen" through web and iOS-based technology that helps initiate, manage and spread ideas that come from clinicians and front-line staff. KaiNexus streamlines the management process required for continuous improvement to thrive. KaiNexus is being used in almost 20 medical centers, including Vanderbilt University Medical Center, University of North Carolina Health Care System, Presbyterian Healthcare Services (New Mexico), Centra Health (Virginia), University of Michigan, and Community Health Systems. We are headquartered in Dallas, TX, which serves as our base of operations for our in-house development and marketing teams.