KaiNexus aims to help solve one of the most vexing problems for healthcare organizations today - increasing quality while decreasing cost.

Great organizations are always trying to improve.  Yet, improvement is hard work.  KaiNexus' patent pending technology provides a web-based system that allows any healthcare organization to execute their improvement program in a simple, sustainable, and effective manner.

KaiNexus helps healthcare professionals improve by utilizing web-based technology that connects an entire organization and streamlines the improvement process.

KaiNexus facilitates communication throughout the entire organization, jump starting or giving a boost to anyone's improvement program.  Our software removes common barriers to improvement by reducing the administrative burden for supervisors and leaders.

We specifically designed KaiNexus to instill teamwork and collaboration. An organization using our platform can easily share and spread successful improvements across the organization.  We created KaiNexus because we believe improving quality can and should be every person's job.  By involving everyone in the healthcare organization, momentum builds and improvement becomes part of a patient-centered continuous improvement culture.

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