Keymand is the ultimate app that gives you more control, more access and more personalization over every desktop application you use by making keyboard shortcuts simpler and more significant to your work.

Keyboard shortcuts are small but powerful tools that allow us to utilize a wide variety of software commands. However, there are four important detractors to these shortcuts:
1.     They are scattered throughout menus and submenus making them hard to find and learn;
2.     Memorizing them all is difficult or impossible;
3.     If they’re not used all the time they are easily forgotten;
4.     The same shortcut often has different meaning in different applications.

The time is long overdue for a way to make shortcuts work for you, to be used with greater ease and speed, and to be organized the way you work and think.

Keymand is the answer. Work faster, work smarter, work simplified by eliminating the mental clutter and inevitable break in concentration when executing software commands.

No matter how many desktop applications you have now or in the future, Keymand will have a Station of four Panels for every application ready for you to personalize and utilize. If you have a number of ways you work within an application then you can change the layout between panels to optimize your diverse work flows.

By eliminating the distraction and delay of finding, recalling or executing keyboard shortcuts you will stay focused and on task as you reach your goals.

Keymand is the app that will change the way you work, create and succeed.

Keymand (keh-mand) Technologies is a software company dedicated to simplifying and streamlining the connection between user and software by reducing the gap between thought and expression.

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