KrypC is a global technology solutions company delivering flexible enterprise grade blockchain products and solutions to the Private and Public sectors. Our focus is on delivering the business value of blockchain applications at the Enterprise level that lower costs, increase service speed and improve user experiences.

KrypC works with global clients in diverse sectors from FinSec and Communications to Transport/Logistics and Pharmaceuticals.

KrypC is the only Blockchain Venture participating (amongst 84 global ventures) in the Microsoft Global Accelerator Program 2018, is a member of Hyperledger and a network partner of the Hague Security Delta.

KrypC has offices in India, The Netherlands and the USA.

KrypCore: Powered by KrypC

KrypCore, our flagship product, is a full configurable, zero coding production grade Blockchain platform. It vertically integrates your businesses workflows, processes and participants and delivers an encrypted, smart and secure Blockchain solution.

KrypCore hides the complexities of blockchain technologies thus removing the need for expensive, hard-to-find blockchain technologists. It’s intuitive studio environment enables business and domain experts to drag and drop their new blockchain applications with minimal computer coding.

KrypCore can easily hook into legacy systems and can be layered over existing applications and networks – thus ensuring a rapid, risk mitigated smooth transition to ‘Blockchain Enablement’.