2007    The Wealth Magnet System, founded by Jim Mack, and Bryon Howell, is taking the internet world by storm. The Wealth Magnet System is a fully automated internet marketing system, and has become the leader of the internet marketing pack. Representatives of the Perfect Wealth Formula, 1 Step System, Predator Marketing System, and EDC Gold are quickly realizing that the product and business opportunity offered by the Wealth Magnet System is a great addition to any internet marketing portfolio.

The Wealth Magnet System, http://www.faith-wealth-freedom.com is on a major expansion this week when former U.S. Marine, Richard Adkins joined the Wealth Magnet System team. The leadership skills attained in the Marine Corps will allow him to train a new breed of hungry Internet marketers. He is currently forming the Wealth Magnet System's â??Team Lee Michael.â?? Team Lee Michael is a sales group within the Wealth Magnet System that will work together to reach true financial success online. Team Lee Michael is the business of helping all walks of life, make a significant change in his or her lives.

Along with Richard Adkins U.S. Marine Corps background, He also is co owner is L & R Investment Group. Richard is in the business of helping former military to be a part of   Team Lee Michael to become fully equip with the necessary tools that will give any member of this team an advantage over all other marketers. Team Lee Michael has attained numerous resale products and has created original products for his Wealth Magnet System team that will give them the needed extra edge on the competition.

Richard Adkins has a proven history of being of impeccable character and conviction. He is former Marine and a well respected citizen in the community. He has joined the Wealth Magnet System to allow him to have more time and resources for his family. The main focus is time, we never can get time back and to have more time to enjoy life makes all the difference.