Richard Adkins is quoted as saying, â??Your setback is a setup for your comeback meaning what ever you are going thru a change is coming. I would never offer a business with a questionable background and character. The Wealth Magnet System is the car and we are the drivers. I have personally spoken to Anton Burnette (leading promoter) and I stand by the Wealth Magnet System. They are real people who desire to train real people in Internet marketing. The product they developed will equip all those who are willing to learn and have a desire to work to meet their goals.â??

The Wealth Magnet System is the tip of the Internet marketing spear. Their product, the Ultimate Internet Marketers Showcase, is not a collection of out-dated e-books or rehashed get-rich-quick schemes. It is full of cutting-edge information and the latest marketing tools. It is literally a fully automated system that closes all of your sales for you.â??
After taking a look at search engine results for â??Wealth Magnet Systemâ?? it is clear that Richard Adkins has the knowledge needed to launch and conduct an Internet marketing campaign. As a result, Richard Adkins and his associate members of Team Lee Michael will quickly become the top earners of the Wealth Magnet System.

Richard Adkins and his Team Lee Michael are set to make internet history, and being a former Marine, he is only looking for the few and the proud. Team Lee Michael is a sharp troop, Internet machine, ready to do battle and come out winners. They are highly motivated, truly dedicated, and canâ??t get enough excellence. This my friend is the true definition that defines Team Lee Michael.

About Richard Adkins:
Richard Adkins is the co-owner of and the unofficial Wealth Magnet System site He is currently building a Wealth Magnet System sales group known as Team Lee Michael. He can be reached at 703-618-6522 to answer any questions or for more information.