Our mission is to vastly improve the transition of scientific and technological breakthroughs from the laboratory to the marketplace, where they can solve pressing issues, enhance economic opportunities and better people's lives.    

We design, deploy, and manage a variety of commercialization, technology transfer, and entrepreneur training and development programs. Our clients range from federal agencies in the U.S. to national governments and regional authorities across the globe, from public-private partnerships to universities.  We increase the market- and investor-readiness of emerging entrepreneurs supported by these institutions.  

Our services cut across a variety of sectors including; life sciences, medical devices, advanced materials, electronics/IT, chemical-based technologies, agricultural technologies, and manufacturing-oriented technologies.

Larta‚Äôs network includes subject matter experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and relationships with Fortune 1000 companies that are seeking to access innovative new companies and identify new business opportunities.  Larta is recognized as a trusted partner by both the investment and corporate communities. Since 1993, we have helped entrepreneurs raise over $1.5 billion in capital.

Larta Institute was originally formed through legislation enacted by the State of California to identify, nurture, and promote early-stage high technology and life science companies. Larta Institute is an independent, private nonprofit corporation registered in California and maintains satellite offices in Silicon Valley and Washington DC. Since that time, Larta Institute has expanded its role dramatically, now managing programs that serve thousands of technology businesses in a wide variety of industry sectors throughout the world.

Current and previous clients include:
 The National Institutes of Health
 The National Science Foundation
 The Department of Agriculture
 The Department of Energy
 The Department of Defense -
    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
 The Department of Commerce -
    National Institute of Standards and Technology - Advanced Technology Program