About Us
Latin America For Less does not mean budget travel; it means budget-conscious travel for those who want the most value for a reasonable price --- “more for less,” if you will.  If you provide us with the privilege to book your trip, you have engaged the best-value tour operator in the market.  As our excellent testimonials suggest; we offer a 5-star service, the most value, and top experience no matter what type of trip you book with us.  A higher-expense travel company does not ensure more credibility, security, or safety, and it certainly does not guarantee a better trip.  Unfortunately, oftentimes it is just the opposite since the “higher-priced” travel companies often do not have locals “on the ground” in South America who know the ins and the outs of what you want to experience as well as how to relate to you, the traveler.
We invite you to learn more about us and to allow us to properly present why we are the top choice in the market.
Our Firm
We are a U.S.-based travel firm providing service worldwide that is devoted to providing the best-value packages to Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador. We have offices in Austin, TX, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, Peru and Cuzco, Peru. Latin America For Less is part of the Latin America For Less travel group, a leading tour operator founded in 1998 that services over 2,500 travelers a year. We currently have a full time staff of 45 people.
Best Value
Lower Prices + Top Testimonials = Best Value
We specialize in making sure that you get the most out of your investment: the best value hotels; superior tour services; comfortable transfers and transportation; and an impeccable customer service.  We don’t aim for those that are solely budget travelers, but we focus on budget-conscious travelers who want the most value in their travel experience for a reasonable price.  Furthermore, we are extremely proud to assert we have the top testimonials in the South American travel market, and we are open to sharing the contact information of any client that has allowed us to publish his/her testimonial.  With Latin America For Less, you get the real deal…every time!.
Returning Clients
Lower Prices + Excellent Service = Returning Clients + Client Recommendations.
Why are our prices significantly lower than most of our competitors?  Do we cut corners?  Do we have hidden costs? No, neither of these reasons are the case.
The main reason is that we are not middlemen, intermediaries, or just another travel agency inflating profits; we are tour operators, and we operate tours for our clients only.  Another mutually beneficial reason is that most of our staff is located in Latin America.  This allows us to keep our costs low (although we compensate our team members well above the average compensation for South America), and to be onsite to make sure your travel arrangements are carried out in a flawless manner.  Finally, we spend significantly less than our main competitors on advertisement, as we rely on word of mouth recommendations to take care of our advertising for us.
Customer Service
We have highly personalized customer service, and you can always expect a detailed reply within one business day.  You can count on our staff for: genuinely friendly service which is committed to a belief in sustainable travel; fast, detailed, and honest replies; recommendations for your trip; and more. We are completely focused on nurturing highly-satisfied clients who complete their travel experience feeling like they have received more than what they have paid for.
Our Itineraries
Fully Customizable or Fixed Departures
We can either work with you to put together an itinerary that fits your specific needs or you may join one of our fixed group departures.  Our staff is fully qualified to interact with you to customize an itinerary on a service by service basis.  Just ask us a few questions and/or tell us what you want; and you will receive an outcome that exceeds your expectations.
We are a Travel Agency and a Tour Operator
The travel agency makes the sale (middleman). The tour operator does the legwork (reservations and all travel logistics). There are very few travel agencies based in the United States and Europe which have local tour operator offices in the countries they sell. We are one of the few, and we operate tours for our clients only, thus ensuring the maximum quality of service as we are solely focused and committed to our clients.