In order to build a successful business, small business owners must increase sales and control costs. It sounds simple, but can actually be quite difficult, especially during tough economic times. Strategic marketing to customers becomes a necessity. Leveraged Media offers clients a way to do just that through their multi-faceted, subscription-based marketing system and has begun providing services to clients in the Pest Control industry.

Consisting primarily of email and direct mail marketing, the system is designed to reach customers each month through informational emails and brochures. Emails are sent the first of every month and direct mail brochures are mailed the middle of the same month. Clients can choose the subjects for these informational emails and brochures based on their industry. The Columbia, SC based company also offers website development and branding items such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes, logo design and promotional products.

Those able to benefit most from Leveraged Media’s services are small to mid-sized service businesses like pest control, plumbers, heating and air contractors, landscapers, electricians, franchise organizations or other small businesses. These types of businesses are typically too large for word of mouth marketing, but too small to hire a large advertising agency to develop a custom marketing program. Leveraged Media reduces their customers costs by implementing marketing systems across many different industries, while still making these materials customizable for each individual business.