Lilith Ohan is a contemporary Canadian artist of  Armenian descent. She has a degree in Fine Arts (BFA) as well as Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Concordia University, Montreal.  

Lilith’s aim is to capture the sense of wonder that comes with truly seeing something for the first time and to convey the connection with the subject matter felt at that moment. Her hope is the transmission of that feeling to the viewer: without words, without explanations.

Lilith’s drawings are rooted in the human figure where the emphasis is placed on the mood or the impact they create. She uses lines and shades very sparingly, just to accentuate the contrasts between dark and light -- or yin and yang.

Most of her paintings are based on the techniques of Sumi-e, a Japanese brush painting, using oriental calligraphic strokes.  Yet she has developed her own language which is a combination of the traditional Eastern techniques with contemporary Western sensibilities. She aspires to render in her art the spirit or chi, rather than the resemblance to the object.

She has been teaching Oriental brush painting (Sumi-e) since 2007