Linkites Infotech, founded in 2012, is the first company to adopt Node.js in India. We have developed over 100 Node.js apps to date and continue to push the boundaries with industry-leading AI, ML, and CX solutions. We serve our clients through sustainable and reliable service and have partnered with Pineapple Corporation, a renowned US-based software firm. Combining cutting-edge platforms with custom software development allows us to elevate the customer experience. We pride ourselves on over-communicating and begin every project with a discovery and blueprint. When we write code, we are proud of it. From Node.js to React Native, we always deliver. Above all, we love what we do!

Linkites Infotech Pvt. Ltd. offers innovative solutions for clients' evolving needs, focusing on boilerplates, CX Chat, No-Code websites, and CX API. They deliver transformative results and set industry standards. For more information, visit https://linkites.com.
Media Contact: Sanjeevani Saxena