Located in Montreal, Linko Solutions was created by a group of business consultants coming from the business solution industry (Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP, Web, eCommerce – online store, e-Marketing). It was founded on the observation that small and medium businesses have the same needs as large companies, and that these needs are not currently fulfilled by commercial solutions:

   * Typical "SMB" solutions lack key functionalities;
   * Prohibitive cost of acquisition, implementation, and support;
   * Lack of flexibility.

These constraints contribute to a poor automation level within small and medium businesses, limiting their efficiency and more importantly, preventing them from leveraging their core potentials – flexibility, agility, adaptableness, innovation – reducing their effectiveness and competitiveness.

Linko Solutions' mission is to give small and medium businesses the ability to expand their market, increase their revenue and improve their operational efficiency by offering low cost Open Source platforms and associated services, allowing them to open new distribution channels and increase their visibility while optimizing their business processes.

Linko Solutions leverages open source Enterprise Management (ERP) and eCommerce platforms in order to build solutions that integrate all aspects of your business – Sales, Marketing, Online Store, Customer Relationship Management, Logistics, Operations, Manufacturing, and Accounting.

Linko Solutions supplies, configures, and implements eCommerce and business solutions (ERP-CRM) specifically for your business. We’ll also help you design your Online Store and optimize it for online sales opportunities. Your business is unique; we’ll help you realize your full online potential.