We are a small business serving exclusively small businesses. Our Optimized Local Search Services are designed to establish your business presence online in such a way as to populate organic search results for searches in your service area. Why pay-per-click when you can pay less than $300 one-time and reach new customers everyday on a permanent basis?

Our Optimized Local Search Services work for your local business whether you have a website or not. By building a comprehensive profile for your business in top local search destinations (like MerchantCircle.com), your business will reach an average of 50 ~ 75 new customers everyday.

WE ARE NOT AN SEO COMPANY. Our service is about your business - not your website. And it works. Immediately and forever. Ask us for references from the hundreds of local businesses who have used our services.

We serve dry cleaners in Los Angeles, CA and fence contractors in Lewisville, TX. We serve photographers in Coppell, TX and pizza delivery companies nationwide.

Our approach is different because of our people. Your service is not completed using fancy automated software that only hits the high points. Each business is unique and our service is manually customized to communicate what makes the business unique in their area. Our backgrounds are in writing, marketing, advertising, merchandising and production - not computers. We understand the language of the internet so that we can make it work for you.

There simply is no more cost-effective way to reach customers. Print advertising is expensive and archaic. Phone books do little more than fill recycle bins. TV and Radio rarely fits the budget of a local business. Traditional SEO is an expensive, long-term solution that may or may not work for a single site. Local Search Optimization is the key to local business success - and we can prove it.

Our service is a one-time setup. No pay-per-click. No renewals. EVER.

The majority of businesses recoup their investment in our service within the first 7~14 days.

Do not spend another dollar on advertising or web marketing until you CALL US to schedule a free one-on-one consultation to learn more about how our customized services can work for you. And be sure to ask for our references.