The Auditor serves as the county's chief fiscal officer, chief assessor of value, and sealer of weights and measures. As fiscal officer, the auditor is responsible for maintaining county financial records and issuing warrants for payment of county obligations. As assessor, the auditor is charged with determining property values for taxing purposes and transferring real property deeds. And, as sealer of weights and measures, the auditor tests and certifies the accuracy of various commercial measuring devices.

Additionally, the Auditor serves as administrator of the county's data processing center and secretary to the Data Processing Board, secretary to both the Board of Revision and the Budget Commission. Other duties include issuing dog and vendor licenses, certifying tax rates, administering various tax reduction programs and maintaining the county's tax map. The Auditor has also created a department of Education and Outreach, which relays vital statutory information to the taxpayers.

The Auditor continues to employ new and enhance existing technology in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Lucas County Auditor, the County of Lucas, and its citizens.