MFGfind is a custom manufacturing marketplace where anyone or any company can get custom parts and products made using 3d printing, CNC & manual machining, woodworking, fabricating, welding, and more, from manufacturers big and small. We provide an all-in-one solution that helps customers choose the right manufacturer, sign agreements, collaborate, send drawing/CAD/STL files, and make safe electronic payments via invoicing and escrow.

For customers, membership is free, and allows companies and individuals to upload their CAD designs and put their RFQ's in front of many manufacturers at once. We help them choose the right manufacturer based on reviews and statistics, as well as sending secure electronic payments.

For manufacturers, membership is also free, enabling a truly open marketplace for all manufacturers. Manufacturers can quote on RFQ's, view customer RFQ award ratios, and get paid with next day bank deposits using the invoicing system, or the escrow system, which helps prevent fraudulent customers.