The Military Sexual Trauma Movement, Inc. is formed to protect service members who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma by advocating for the implementation of the Military Sexual Trauma Victims Bill of Rights.  The Movement will advocate for MST survivors and all minority veteran groups in need.  We will create a community that serves as a sign of hope for future generations of young people entering the United States Military.

The Military Sexual Trauma Movement demands the enactment of policies and procedures from the federal government, military agencies, and local and state jurisdictions. These powerful policies will put an end to the institutionalized conditions that further victimize and take the lives of service members who have suffered from Military Sexual Trauma.

The consequences of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) injuries both physical and emotional ripple out into society beginning with the victim, then family members and friends, neighbors, employers, and so on.  Some of the most known consequences, aside from the countless MST related deaths, that include drug addiction and homelessness. 53% of homeless female veterans are victims of Military Sexual Trauma.

Enacting the Military Sexual Trauma Bill of Rights will ensure that victims who have been hurt while in service will have the resources and ability to overcome these statistics while being supported.  The MST Bill of Rights seeks institutional changes that are required from every level of government, including from within the military, not only to protect survivors, but to honor their service by promoting healing and breaking the silence.