Since 1980, Managment Training Systems, Inc. with corporate offices in Glendale, Arizona and an international office in Alberta, Canadahas exceeded client expectations in providing consultation and support during times of change, transition and innovation.

Management Training Systems, Inc. personnel have served as confidential process advisors and facilitators to numerous senior level decision makers and individual work teams in addressing factors that impact daily operations and, ultimately, their bottom line results.  Management Training Systems, Inc. uniquely combines analytical tools and enhanced performance techniques for a multiple strategies approach to problem solving, long-range planning and building high- performing team communication and cooperation.  Additionally, we provide solutions for recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees as well as aligning and retaining a qualified and loyal workforce.  MTS prides itself on offering a platform of solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Our Mission:  The mission of Management Training Systems, Inc. is to partner with you to develop and implement strategies for moving your organization to greater levels of success.  

Our Greatest Strengths:  Our greatest strengths are serving as confidential advisors as you explore current and future business strategies and delivering a portfolio of solutions that will help create a sustainable business advantage.  

OUR SOLUTIONS:  We go beyond theory to action and practical application of solutions that move organizations from “hoping” for success to “solutions” that guarantee cultural change, transformation and improvement.  We bring a new appreciate of human capital and the role it plays in your success strategy.  Talent selection, development, retention and succession become a key focus in the strategic and transformational planning process.


• Strategic goals aligned with your mission
• Tactical approaches to goal achievement
• Systems thinking from entry level to senior management
• The right people in the right jobs
• Engaged employees
• Process improvement
• Cultural transformation
• Increased efficiency and bottom line profits

Dr. Jan Northup, President of Management Training Systems, Inc. is an internationally known author, speaker and organizational strategist.  Dr. Northup began serving as a confidential advisor, executive coach and strategic and planning consultant to senior-level decision makers in military and government agencies and private and public corporations.  Numerous organizations have drawn on her expertise in working with top and mid-level managers in the areas of strategic planning, transitional planning, quality improvement and pre-employment recruiting and hiring.  

Dr. Northup created of The Promotable Woman:  What Makes The Difference video training program that has been featured on the Public Broadcasting Service.  Dr. Northup has been a featured speaker at numerous regional and national conferences and was the first woman to conduct a nationwide speaking tour of Australia on women's management issues. Jan has made frequent radio and television appearances discussing the factors that make the difference in the lives of successful people.  Close to one million people worldwide have attended her seminars, training classes and presentations.  

Books by Dr. Northup:
• Life’s A Bitch And Then You Change Your Attitude, 5 Secrets of Taming Life’s Roller Coaster and Building Resilience examines personal and organizational resilience
•  Speaking of Success with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield and other leading authorities is a compilation of success strategies
• The Promotable Woman:  Have We Come A Long Way Baby?  updates earlier research on women in the workplace
• Rising to the Top with Jim Rohn, Patricia Ball and Les Brown continues with more strategies for success.

At the same time, Dr. Northup has kept her ties with academia.  Currently an adjunct faculty at Bellevue University, she develops and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of organizational design, strategic planning, team building, leadership, and marketing.