Madison Area City Guide is a local internet marketing company providing affordable, effective and measurable internet marketing channel that encompasses 13 cities in the Madison area.

Madison Area City Guide's (MACG)core service is a self managing business directory with coupon posting.

Other internet marketing tools include an event calendar active in the Madison market that is free and open for anyone to post events that are free and open to the public.

MACG has been inspired by our clients to add new services to their arsenal. We recently opened an integrated marketplace. This marketplace located in the Madison market bridges the gap between residents and businesses by allowing both to buy/sell online.

This self serving marketplace is similar to a local Ebay with a classified face. PayPal has been integrated with MACG Marketplace for quick, easy and secure online payment. Payments can be made with credit cards through PayPal, increasing the ease of purchase.

Residents are encouraged to post free for three weeks at a time and as many items as they wish, creating more free advertising space for local businesses. Businesses that sponsor MACG with the purchase of a gold level listing are integrated into the resident’s marketplace postings. The integration of the marketplace and business directory also provides an avenue for local businesses to sell their goods in an online store format located in the middle of this public forum.

With the release of the marketplace businesses also have the opportunity to post their own full or ½ price gift certificates where residents can again purchase them online securely with a credit card. Businesses can cut out the middleman and pass on the savings! This feature adds convenience for the local businesses and affordability for the residents.

MACG marketplace also provides a great resource for fundraisers for organizations of all sizes that requires very few human resources. Contact us to learn more.

The possibilities of our marktplace are as endless as our imaginations.

Last buy not least, MACG provides limited social media for all clients.