At Magical Lands we believe the journey is as important as the destination. Discovery and enlightenment comes through pushing your own personal boundaries and travel allows us to do that in the most basic of ways.

Our company ethos has developed directly from a long line of travel companies going back to the beginning of the modern travel era. When Thomas Cook started offering their big tour back in the nineteenth century, they were pioneers of the travel business. At Magical Lands we aim to follow in those footsteps, offering our clients a safe, comfortable travel experience focusing on the essence of the places we visit. Rather than a six month or one year journey, modern transport now allows us to offer tours for 10 days or a fortnight,but still retaining that aura of the unknown and that sense of excitement that only travel can bring.

We called our travel agency, Magical Lands as this is the feeling we still get when we travel somewhere new or discover a hidden place in an area we thought we knew. It is that sense of surprise and excitement as we pack our bags, the magical moment that our plane touches down in a new place or our train pulls in at an undiscovered destination.

Our range of private tours and group tours have been designed to bring out the sense of childhood wonder when we arrive in a new place. If you are a solo traveller then you will be glad to know that our group tours have no single supplement unless specified by you. Many of our clients are travelling on their own and our tours are suitable for anyone with an open mind and a keen sense of discovery. We believe that only travel can awaken the senses and with a single sound or smell, memories of distant places come flooding back. We hope that you can travel with us and that we can bring some of that wonder and sense of discovery to you.