Magical Memories Entertainment is a group of hundreds of top entertainers who specialize in different types of entertainment and different types of events. This has allowed us to become the one stop for every type of event.

Steven Burchard founded Magical Memories Entertainment in 2005 at the age of 16 when he began teaching and performing magic for schools, camps and private events. Since then he has grown his roster of entertainers and dedicated himself to providing quality professionals for special events.

Steven formed this company to be different then many of the other entertainment companies. Steven's perspective is: "I got into this business because I love to make people happy and I enjoy being an integral part of the most amazing times in peoples lives." In founding this company Steven built a large group of quality professionals who are all personally screened by Steven and his staff before they ever do a show. Steven has traveled around the world in pursuit of meeting new entertainers. This has allowed Magical Memories Entertainment to become a go to company for events of all different kinds.

Having quality professionals located all over the country, Magical Memories Entertainment works with clients to provide them the right entertainment at the right price. One thing Steven has always said is that he loves his job because he "gets to sing happy birthday and wish congratulations to hundreds of people every year."

Steven is dedicated to making sure his clients get the best service possible. The slogan "Making Memories That Will Last A Lifetime" are not only words but the Magical Memories Entertainment lifestyle. All the Magical Memories Entertainment staff are taught to embrace this ideal and provide their best performance for every show.