About MakeItPro
Walnut Creek, Calif.-based MakeItPro™ (www.makeitpro.com) is the only all-sport destination, marketplace and sports resource center that is totally interactive and accessible anywhere in the world, online and on mobile phones. The MakeItPro experience unites the world’s top professional athletes and athletes of all levels with experts, coaches, parents, teams and fans everywhere in a global community to socialize, participate, manage team events and scheduling, learn and excel. MakeItPro’s customizable one-stop sports experience features the tips, scores, action and expert resources that’ll let everyone have fun, and be the best that they can be – just like a pro! For more information, please visit www.makeitpro.com.

MakeItPro launched with a full roster of professional athletes that represent the best in sports and in philanthropy, including NBA All-Star and two-time MVP Steve Nash; Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic silver medal snowboarder and three-time X-Games gold medalist; Jessica Mendoza, two-time (gold and silver medalist) Olympic softball player and president of the Women’s Sports Foundation; Johnny Perchak, five-time paintball world champion; Jill Kintner, Olympic bronze medalist, world and national champion (BMX), and US and world champion (Mountain Bike); Lauren Perkins, X-Games silver medalist in skateboarding; Ryan Sweeney, outfielder for the Oakland Athletics; Hasheem Thabeet, second overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft by the Memphis Grizzlies; Bernard Berrian, wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings; and Patty Mills, member of Australian Olympic Basketball Team and second round pick in the 2009 NBA draft by Portland Trailblazers.