Marathon Strategic Advisors, LLC (Marathon) is an Ohio based fee-only investment advisory firm that has served investors since 1999. We create custom-made investment portfolios based on a client’s unique financial goals, risk tolerances, investment return expectations, investment horizons, tax bracket, and cash flow needs. We specialize in developing, implementing, and maintaining investment portfolios for individual investors (including IRAs), corporations (including 401(k)s and pensions), trusts, estates, and charitable organizations.

At Marathon, our primary focus is on our clients, and helping them reach their long-term financial goals. We work closely to understand their financial needs, values, and life circumstances. We engage our clients in an educational process of understanding the long-term relationships between investment return expectations and risk tolerance. We believe education is the first step toward providing sound investment advice. Our second focus is on achieving strong long-term investment returns.

We are not stockbrokers or financial planners, and we do not have relationships with any other financial firm. We do not sell insurance, annuities, or any other products. We are fee-only, independent investment consultants who specialize in managing investment portfolios for our clients. Since we are only compensated directly by our clients and receive no commissions or economic reward from any other party, we do not have conflicts of interest. With this no-conflict reward system, clients can be assured that we only craft investment solutions and initiate security transactions that we believe are in our client’s best interest. Our goal is to maximize our client’s wealth, not our own!