Marci Javril, Vitality Expert
- offers inspirational talks, entertainment, seminars and interactive events for groups of all sizes. She draws on 27+ years of expertise and chooses just the right format for each situation. Her activities offer opportunities for Self-Transformation, and every participant learns how to tap into their intrinsic radiance, charisma, and vital energy flow. As a performing artist, Ms. Javril is intuitive and adaptable, and creates an inclusive comfort zone with respect and playfulness.

Author of eBook: Feel Like Yourself Again: heal + recover from injury, surgery + illness

Co-create your own Ultimate Vitality Experience!

Re-create yourself - Increase lymph circulation, boost immune system, heal old scars & injuries, let go of negative feelings, clear & focus mind, balance sexual appetite, build confidence & charisma, express your inner child.

Choose from a variety of topics, tips, tools + techniques.

BODY- activate the body’s natural rejuvenation
HEART- harmonize emotions & communication
MIND- focus mental intention & set goals
ENERGY- invigorate sexuality & reproductive health
SOUL- develop & integrate spiritual intuition

See Dance Bio, Bodywork Credentials and detailed Resume for references.