The current economic climate has shrouded the recruitment industry in a mass of uncertainty.  Companies looking to work their way through the downturn are still required to hire staff but are looking at ways to reduce costs and save time.  In a period when redundancies are more prevalent than they were twelve months ago there are now more jobseekers per vacancy.  This has resulted in elongated recruiting phases and so a heightened monetary expense.  As a result recruiting companies are demanding more for their money.  

Opportunities have therefore arisen for cost-saving, time-reducing hiring mechanisms and, ultimately, a refined yet value-added hiring process.  In a rapidly developing digital age, this need must be online.

Onlymarketingjobs.com Ltd (Only Marketing Jobs) is a full-solution digital recruitment advertising company designed to combine the traditional online job board with a unique proposition, which serves to reduce a hiring company’s recruitment spend whilst also attracting the very best jobseekers.  The brand’s value proposition is the Referral Reward.  This is a cash value the hiring company tags to its vacancy in order to signal its intent as well as attract jobseekers and encourage marketers to recommend people they know.  

In addition the site offers the following services: networking; brand promotion; blog-spot for news and social commentary; company editorials; and CV-writing for jobseekers.  

Only Marketing Jobs is a one-stop-shop for jobseekers, direct employer and recruitment agencies.  Marketers simply interested in learning more about their industry would also benefit; as would social and commercial networkers.