Founded in 2004, MEGAJOULE is the leading Portuguese private and independent renewable energy consultant.
Since 2004, Portugal is one of the top ten world wind energy markets. In this booming sector, MJ quickly became a national reference for wind energy consultancy services. In the following years MJ’s team grew in a sustainable pace guaranteeing the excellence of its services.

MJ services cover a wide range of technical subjects in wind energy, from wind measurements to independent project due diligence. MJ has also offered advice for other renewable energy projects, like solar PV and Biomass.
MJ is proud to serve all the major developers, turbine suppliers, investors and banks in Portugal, as well as renowned international companies.
MJ is a member of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN).
MJ consultants cooperate with the development of industry standards in the scope of Portuguese and international IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) committees.

A not exclusive list of MJ services for the Wind Industry is:

Wind Measurement Services

MJ has a highly specialized team for field wind measurements for resource assessment and monitoring purposes. MJ designs, installs and operates optimal wind measurement campaigns for more than 70 measurement masts all over Europe.
Wind Resource Assessment and Energy Estimates
MJ’s consultants have performed wind resource assessment and Wind Farm energy yield studies for very different sites all over the World. Our track record covers more than 1.7 GW total installed capacities.
Among our Clients we count developers, investors, banks, local and national authorities.

(Complex) Wind Flow Simulation

For challenging sites MJ can deliver challenging solutions, using state of the art CFD solvers to cope with obstacles, steep slopes and forest canopy and to deliver information on wind declination, wind shear, turbulence and extreme winds, among other results.

Technical Due-Diligence

MJ’s experience with all stages of Wind Farm development and operation and the up-to-date knowledge of the main methodologies, tools and skills gives us a privileged insight over a project's confidence and risks. MJ acted has independent engineer in Due-Diligences for projects that total more 500 MW for owners, buyers and investors.

Support to Project Development

From start, MJ's consultants and engineers have aided its Clients to make the right decisions at the right time. MJ cooperates in the development of more than 3 GW in several countries by staying close to our Clients and alert to their needs.

Support to Asset Management

Why taking risks when you can rely on highly professional consultancy?
MJ manages performs independent Power Curve Measurements (according to IEC and MEASNET standards), monitors wind conditions at wind farms and delivers energy performance analysis.
MJ can also provide independent energy analysis for re-finance or re-wattage of wind farms.
MJ has conducted performance tests for several wind farms with a total of 60 MW capacity and performed Power Curve Measurements services for 16 Wind Turbines.