Metaphor Publications, Inc. is a small house, independent press positioning itself in the content-rich nexus between fantasy fiction and role playing games. Publishers of fantasy and speculative fiction. The first book in its inaugural fantasy trilogy "The Raven & the Iris," entitled RAVEN'S TEARS, was republished in January 2015 as a revised and expanded version featuring links to an online wiki embedded in the text of the ebook. The links expand the content available to the consumer of ebooks and give the authors a constant way to update new material for the reader as it becomes available. In this way, Metaphor Publications intends to forge new relationships with its readers, relationships built on a dynamic exchange of content and feedback.

DEAD MAN'S TRIGGER, the followup book of the trilogy, is scheduled for release in Summer 2015.

Six Guns Press is a westerns imprint of Metaphor Publications.