Metro-Usports is an innovative service for college coaches and high school student athletes. Metro’s services are operated based on moral and ethical standards for athlete.  We are committed to assisting college prospects in pursing their quest for higher education and maximum college exposure for their athletic endeavors.

Metro assists parents in the efforts to find scholarships as well. The opportunity to save on tuition costs is a benefit of college athletics that cannot be overlooked. Metro markets and promotes qualified prospects to college coaches and recruiting coordinators in the hopes of fulfilling their recruiting needs.

Metro is a unique service because of the networking relationships built with a prospect’s high school coaches. This is a rare practice among services within the industry. We believe networking with prospects’ high school coaches is a significant aspect for gathering accurate information. In addition to that, we all know majority of high school coaches have numerous of other duties or assignments within their educational institution and cannot effectively promote and market all possible athletes. Our service jumpstarts the recruiting process to free up a coach’s time.  

It’s often said, “it’s not about what you know, but who you know.” At Metro-Usports, networking is one of our goals. Jumpstarting this college athletic recruiting process enables recruits and coaches to spend time on playing and coaching the game. Effective networking makes baseball recruiting, football recruiting, soccer recruiting and all types of high school sports recruiting possible and easier.