Michelangelo.net covers the full life and career of the impressive Renaissance artist from Italy. There is a focus on each medium in which Michelangelo was involved, running from sculpture and painting through to architecture.

There is a wealth of information available on this artist across the internet and in published form, and this website aims to draw the best of that together into one resource which makes learning about Michelangelo much easier to do.

Specific sculptures like Pieta and David are covered in greater detail to reflect their significance to the artist's overall career and there is also an indepth look at his work in the Sistine Chapel, including both the ceiling frescos plus the Last Judgement.

As the website continues to rise in popularity there will be opportunities to advertise across the site and take advantage of the specific consumer sectors which are attracted to content of this cultural and educational nature.

Currently the partner being used offer reproduction prints and paintings for fans of the artist and you will find mention of them on most pages of the site.