Founder & CEO (Chief Empathy Officer): Michelle Horlbogen
Podcast: The Gentlewoman Boss
Two days after reporting ethical concerns to her employer, Michelle was fired. Six months later, she launched The Gentlewoman Boss website and podcast as a platform to support others who experienced workplace bullying in a toxic workplace.
Her story caught the attention of and was featured in Thrive Global.
Michelle also has an obsession with vintage clothing and fashion. She sells what doesn’t fit on her website, The Red Velvet Shoe Vintage.
This podcast is the place where her two passions collide.
The Gentlewoman Boss Podcast has received numerous accolades, including being ranked in the top 10% globally by Listen Notes, Top 20 Best Month Reporting Podcasts of 2021 by Welp Magazine, #36/200 in Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts by Podchaser, & Top 20 Best Whistleblower Podcasts for 2021 by Castbox Media.