Tailored training packages targeted for junior & senior staff, leaders & aspiring leaders in their sectors.

We cultivate mindful & compassionate leadership skills & practices by focusing on the personal, relational & organisational aspects of a business.

Ed has worked as a mindfulness consultant in Australia, UK, France and Spain. I also helped introduce mindfulness meditation into the corporate workplace in many of these businesses and became INSEAD (France) MBA Business School’s resident mindfulness facilitator from 2016 to 2019. I have 10 years of targeted, international experience of bringing meditation & yoga into the workplace of education, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

My exposure to a number of culturally diverse workplaces and employees in a number of different countries is a benefit for many employers. Employers generally want to do well but need ‘coaching’ on how best deliver a wellbeing package for their staff that is not seen as a threat or ‘you have to do this’.

Finally, I have a sense of humour to how I teach so the sessions are fun but also well structured and easy to follow.