Miracle at the Garage tells a present-day tale of hope, wonder, amazement, grace, love, and faith. God is here with us today, in our struggles, in our pain, in our love, and still in the Miracle business. This memoir offers a look into the lives of a few individuals with two common bonds—their love for Christ and their connection through an old dilapidated Garage, where men gather for ministry. It describes the miracles that have transformed them into the loving, strong, God-fearing, and courageous men they have become through God’s love.
Each figure in Miracle at the Garage has his own unique story, including author Andrew Elliott, who forgave and released the man who left him for dead in a hit-and-run accident 2 years earlier; Anthony, the spiritual leader of the group who overcame a life of drugs to come back to God; and John, who is in a car accident with Anthony’s wife and miraculously walks into the Garage—where he finds forgiveness. All of the people who share their personal stories here are part of the Garage ministry that serves as the backdrop for this inspirational collection. Incredibly, some of the miracles actually occurred at the Garage itself.
J. A. Elliott was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a poet for thirty years, an active duty member with the US Coast Guard where he is a technical writer, and a disciple of our Lord Jesus, Andrew has accidentally positioned himself to be a writer for God. He and his wife have three children and live in the Tidewater area of Virginia.