The MobilityPass Team has 30 Years of experience in security and telecommunications.
Since 1977 our team has been granted patents in Europe, the United States and the Far East for it´s work on data exchange interfaces for mobile devices secure communication, payment and ID verification.

Our constant endehavour bore fruit with the creation and launch of the MobilityPass secure global roaming internet access - ensuring a secure global internet access for telco, business organizations, governments and the self employed as they use new technologies and communications tools abroad.

10 Years experience in secure global roaming internet
Since 2000 our international engineering team has been developing a proprietary management and integration suite of key internet business connection services that include Dial up, Toll Free, Wifi Hotspots and 3G mobile broadband. With over 300.000 users around the world and 100 millions of minutes served, Mobilitypass has provided internet access to Roaming Operators, Corporates, small business, as well as very famous and important people that need confidential, secure and reliable communication services abroad enjoyed the services.
MobilityPass has developed a unified secured and encrypted package featuring a complete integration of communication tools and services, including international Cellular phone cards, SMS text messaging, push email, Fax, Internet phone, Instant messaging cross platform, Voice mail, virtual phone numbers, and VPN tunnel integration.
MobilityPass´ future focus is on continuing, providing and improving international secured communications for professional corporates, governments and important people around the world.
Our corporate philosophy strives forward differentiating ourselves from the rest of the marketplace by understanding that our customer is our principal partner and ensuring the highest quality of services.

Our clients will only continue to use the MobilityPass services if it is the very best available and if we can ensure reliability, privacy and security second to none at a reasonable cost.

Recent headline disasters are forcing many enterprises to re-evaluate their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. But it's not just news-making events that companies should be prepared for: hacking, power outage, network sabotage, or a rash of sick days are all threads that endanger a company's effectiveness.

The longer it takes to recover from a business interruption, the more a company will loose and companies have to balance their potential losses against the cost of a disaster recovery strategy.